N  A  N  C  Y   T  H  A  Y  E  R

Conceptual Landscape Paintings in Oxidized Steel/Acrylic

With these paintings, I worked with various patinas on steel and related the results to similarly composed painted panels. I attach the panels and channels of oxidized steel to the painted panels. Each panel suggests a language of landscape through the organic forms, shapes, and colors.


Sacred Entrance
5’ h x 5’ w

Entrance II
45” h x 36” w

Book of the Earth
23” h x 23” w

Entrance I
4’ h x 3’ w

Ordered Earth Views IV
35” h x 57” w

Nightview III
3’ h x 6’8” w

The Earth Brought Forth
36” h x 66” w

Ordered Earth Study II
14” h x 32” w

Autumnal Vistas
30” h x 86” w

Entrance III
24” h x 89” w

19” h x 86” w